Pricing, Ages and Descriptions Below

Physical Comedy Improv Ages 8+ 

9:30-10:25 PST. $155/$170 (charter)

per student, per session

Sept 17-Nov 19, 2021 

Enjoy all of the benefits of belonging to an improv troupe from the comfort of your own home!  Our Comedy Improv class is a chance for young performers to hone their comedic skills while connecting with peers through ZOOM.  Through physical, interactive activities, games and exercises students will create silly characters, improvise hilarious scenes and learn the basic rules of comedy.  Make sure that you have space to move in front of your camera as we will be spending a lot of time out of our seats and using our bodies for storytelling and character building.  

Stage Combat with Tyler Ages 9+

$170/$185 (charter) per student, per session.

Sept 17-Nov 19, 2021 4:15-5:15pm.

Calling all knights-in-training! Using a series of drills and exercises you can do at home, we will explore the physical training that actors use to safely execute theatrical swordplay. We will learn rapier sword technique as well as do physical conditioning, so make sure you are prepared for a lot of movement and have the space to avoid any collateral damage. If your sword is still at the blacksmith, you can use any straight stick that is about 2'-3' in length (ideally it should reach from ground to hip height).   

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