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Summer Programs in Yellow  

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Fun with Irish Tales with Tamara 2-2:55pm PST Ages 6-9

$155/$170 (charter) per student.

April 8 - June 10, 2021. 

In this course, students will get the opportunity to explore Folktales of Ireland  as they play Kings, Fairies, Robbers, Giants, Witches, talking animals and more. We will master theatre games, embody characters, understand story arc, and work together devise our own ways to act out these Irish tales. 


Global Explorers with Tamara 1-1:55pm Ages 6-9

$155/$170 (charter) per student.

June 17 - Aug 19, 2021.

Hop in a car, train, boat, or plane as we go exploring around the globe from our very own homes. In this class we will learn about different places around the world and get creative, using our voice, body, and imagination to transport ourselves through location-based theater games and exercises. Grab your passports and let’s go exploring! *Please bring a pencil, four pieces of paper, and something to color with.

Playing with Characters with Tamara 2-2:55pm Ages 8+ 

$155/$170 (charter) per student.

June 17 - Aug 19, 2021.

Sometimes the best part about acting is the chance to play someone else! In this course, we will explore characters big and small. Students will use their imaginations and acting skills to create characters from scripts and from scratch. They will learn new ways to embody characters they know and love, while discovering how to develop characters that are brand new. They will dive in to character voices, bodies, personalities, and even have a chance to write a monologue of their very own based on their character creations. 

Monologues! Monologues! Monologues! with Tamara

3-4:30pm PST. Ages 11+

$195/$210 (charter) per student 

June 17 - Aug 19, 2021.

Whether it be for audition or performance, make the monologue your new acting best friend! In this course, we will get familiar with the beast that is the monologue. Students will learn how to pick a monologue, analyze text, develop a character, and connect to given circumstances, while becoming comfortable performing solo.  


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