Thursdays with Tamara

July 9 - Aug 13, 2020

All class times are Pacific Standard Time.  

Pricing, Ages and Descriptions Below

*Please add $10 per class if paying with Charter Funds.


Play Creative 9:45-10:45am PST

$95* per student ages 6-9

Students will use their imaginations to brainstorm and expand their ability to collaborate with others as they create and act in their very own original story. We will journey together to investigate various aspects of a theme of the class’s choosing to explore new characters and environments that enhance our storytelling. 

Imaginations in Action 11-12pm PST

$95* per student ages 8+

In this Acting Class, students will spend time playing with and exploring different acting tools. Along with group games and exercises, they will develop their imaginations and utilize them to create stories, characters, and environments. These skills will then be applied to open scene work and should be a rockin’ good time!

Musical Theatre Dance 12:15-1:15pm PST

$95* per students ages 8+

Shake off your wiggles and dance your heart out!

In our Musical Theatre Dance class, students will learn new dance steps and explore different genres of musical theatre choreography. They will practice a different dance routine every week done to their favorite Broadway tunes. (And maybe even some they’ve never heard before!) Feel free to sing along! *If dancing from home, make sure to have a little bit of space.


Playing with Characters 2-3:30pm PST

$125* per student ages 8-12

Sometimes the best part about acting is the chance to play someone else! In this course, we will explore characters big and small. Students will use their imaginations and acting skills to create characters from scripts and from scratch. They will learn new ways to embody characters they know and love, while discovering how to develop characters that are brand new. They will dive in to character voices, bodies, personalities, and even have a chance to write a monologue of their very own based on their character creations. 


Collaboration and Creation: Musical Icons 3:45-5:15pm PST

$125* per student ages 12-17

Be it Rockstars, Pop Divas, Disco Queens, Jazz Legends, or Guitar Heroes, we all have our favorite Musical Icons. This course will dive into the world of music-making, as we discover new techniques for ensemble-building and devising theatre. All of our collaborative work will culminate in a short play about Musical Icons that the class writes, directs, and acts.

D&D Creative Writing WITH CY BROWN  6:30-8pm PST

$125* per student ages 10+

Join us as we apply creative story writing, character exploration and storytelling through the vehicle of the ever popular fantasy building tabletop role-playing game D&D.  Each student will create their own character which will then embark upon a made-up adventure.  Our teacher will be our Dungeon Master serving as the game’s referee and storyteller. Students will work as a group and do a weekly character writing journal and take turns updating the weekly story summary journal.  Not only learning logic and problem solving, this will be a creative adventure for all! Please note:  The content can often be dark but we will strive to avoid anything too dark or demonic. *this program will take place on in addition to Zoom.



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