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Thursdays & Fridays at Grace Lutheran 6190 Telephone

Make New Friends!  

So much FUN while Learning!  


Scroll down for pricing and details.


2:05-3:30 for ages 8+

 Comedy Improv Feb 16-March 22 ~ $120* ($135 charter) 

Swords & Epic Battles April 5-May 24 ~ $160* ($180 charter)


 3:35-5pm ages 6-12; 5:05-6:30pm ages 11+ 

Shakespeare Performance Sept 29-Mar 17 $475* ($500 charter)

Comedy Improv April 5-May 24 ~ $160* ($180 charter) 

Shakespeare Performance Programs 

Added class on Wednesday March 13; same time/location.

Evening Performances with required daytime dress rehearsals on

 March 17 or 19 at the theatre.

In these fun, active and engaging classes we teach and direct scenes or an edited Shakespeare play by using many of the following techniques ~ acting, improv, ensemble, history, text analysis, speech/voice technique, singing, period dance and sword fighting. 


Comedy Improv

Improvisation is an enjoyable and safe environment for an individual to experience self-growth. Plus it is SUPER FUN! Through interactive activities and exercise, our students get the chance to experience growth on a physical, emotional and physical level. This program teaches acting techniques AND improves confidence, has social benefits and promotes communication skills. 

Swords and Epic Battles

No previous experience is necessary! 

What was the Battle of Waterloo or the Siege of Orleans, Antioch or Constantinople all about? The French Revolution or Battle of Bouvines? Our world has an epic history of conflict. Let’s find out more as we travel back again this year into the past and explore all new conflicts, battles and stories in history. In this program, students will learn all about the all about the conflicts of the past while exploring stage combat with a combination of in-depth hand-to-hand and sword. Students will be invited to learn at home and bring in fun facts about the era or the assigned battle/war of that week. This program provides a safe, fun and supportive atmosphere where students will be encouraged to make bold and creative acting choices, while also developing new levels of personal confidence and ensemble skills. Emphasis will be placed on safety, physical fitness and teamwork. Students will get a healthy workout while incorporating history and acting into safe, fun combat lessons!




Building interest for a 6 week session this Spring in 2024

$100* ($115 charter)

9-9:55am Shakespeare Story Time

Ages 6-10
In this program, we will learn, discuss and explore some of his plays while using fun active theatre exercises we will physically explore these great stories, characters and themes.

10-10:55am Comedy Improv

Ages 10+

Scroll down to bottom of page for class description.

11-11:55am Stage Combat 

Ages 8+

 In this very physical program, we learn stage combat techniques with sword and hand-to hand. We put a strong emphasis on safety and often choreograph a full battle to be presented on the last day.

*tuitions are non-refundable

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