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With the world opening back up, our virtual offerings have mostly phased out.  We still have a couple offerings, see below.

All class times are PACIFIC STANDARD TIME

D&D Creative Writing

$195/$210 (charter) per student,

per 10 week session ages 10+

Wednesdays  7-8:30pm

Fall: Sept 6 - Nov 8, 2023 

Winter: Jan 10-Mar 13, 2024

Spring: Mar 27-May 29, 2024

Summer: June 5 - Aug 28, 2024 

Please email us to be put not he waitlist and we are also building interest

for a Monday or Tuesday evening group!

Join us as we apply creative story writing, character exploration and storytelling through the vehicle of the ever popular fantasy building tabletop role-playing game D&D.  Each student will create their own character which will then embark upon a made-up adventure.  Our teacher will be our Dungeon Master serving as the game’s referee and storyteller. Students will work as a group and do an optional weekly character writing journal. Not only learning logic and problem solving, this will be a creative adventure for all! Please note:  The content can often be dark but we will strive to avoid anything too dark or demonic. *This program will take place on in addition to Zoom.


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