Ages 7-15 at St. Luke's

2563 Foothill Blvd in La Crescenta

Fall:  Sept 7-Nov 13, 2022

Spring:  March 12- May 21, 2023



Shakespeare Performance Program

Ages 11+

Wednesdays AND Sundays 4:30-6pm

$425 per student.  

Plays being considered are:  

Love's Labour's, Merchant, Twelfth Night, Romeo & Juliet or King Lear. 

Performance and added rehearsal Nov 13

Shakespeare Performance Program

Ages 7-11 

Sundays 2:30-4:25pm 

$295* per student. 

Plays being considered are:  

Midsummer, Much Ado or Twelfth Night.

Performance & rehearsal on Sat, Nov 12


Comedy Improv Ages 8+

Wednesdays 3:30-4:30pm

$165* per student.


*added fee if paying with charter funds.

Shakespeare Performance Program:  Join us for a fun and exciting program of rehearsing and performing an edited version of one of Shakespeare’s great plays.  The script is edited from the original text, preserving the Elizabethan English, while adapting the script for classroom use. Through active and creative exercises, we will learn how to develop a comic character, understand Shakespeare and use our voices and bodies to convey the comedic story. We’ll bring it all together as we prepare for a grand PERFORMANCE. This program provides a safe, fun and supportive atmosphere where students will learn to make bold and creative acting choices, while also developing new levels of personal confidence and ensemble skills. All students will get a speaking role involving lines that will need to be memorized on schedule to support rehearsal in class. Roles range in size (small, medium and large) and will be cast in consideration of class size, production needs and student preference. 

Comedy Improv:  Improvisation is an enjoyable and safe environment for an individual to experience self-growth. Plus it is SUPER FUN! Through interactive activities and exercise, our students get the chance to experience growth on a physical, emotional and physical level. This program teaches acting techniques AND improves confidence, has social benefits and promotes communication skills. Commedia dell’arte is an Italian style of theatre that was popular in Europe in the 16th century and most of the comedy and stock characters we see today originated from this art form.