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Ages 7-15 at St. George's

808 Foothill Blvd in La Canada

Winter Camp Jan 2-5, Winter Session Jan 7-Feb 28, Spring Session March 3-May 22,

Summer Camp July 1-5, 2024    




Winter Camp Jan 2-5 9:30-2:30pm

$295* for Ages 7-13

Sundays, Jan 7-Feb 25 Ages 7+

Sketch Writing 3-4:25pm

D&D 4:30-6pm

Each class is $175* ($190 charter)

Weds, Jan 10-Feb 28 Ages 8+

Swords & Epic Battles 3:40-5pm

$175* ($190 charter)

Comedy Improv 5:05-6pm

$140* ($155 charter)

Sundays, Mar 3-May 22 Ages 7+

Shakespeare Show 3-4:25pm

$325* ($340 charter)

there are two added Wednesday afternoons the last two weeks

D&D 4:30-6pm $215* ($230 charter)

last class May 12 

Weds, Postponed til Fall Ages 8+

Swords & Epic Battles 3:45-5pm

$195* ($210 charter)

Comedy Improv 5:05-6pm

$175* ($190 charter)


*Tuitions are non-refundable.

4 Day Winter Camp:  Campers will explore Shakespeare, stage combat, improv, Commedia, ensemble, theatre games, character work and more.  Presentation at 2:30pm on the last day. 

Swords & Epic Battles: What was the Battle of Waterloo or the Siege of Orleans, Antioch or Constantinople all about? The French Revolution or Battle of Bouvines? Our world has an epic history of conflict. Let’s find out more as we travel back again this year into the past and explore all new conflicts, battles and stories in history. In this program, students will learn all about the all about the conflicts of the past while exploring stage combat with hand-to-hand and sword. Students will be invited to learn at home and bring in fun facts about the era or the assigned battle/war of that week. Students will get a healthy workout while incorporating history and acting into safe, fun combat lessons! 


Sketch Writing: We will collaborate to develop original sketches. Through improv and storytelling, we will create original characters, fun plots and comedy while learning story development and structure.  Parents are invited to a staged reading on the last day of class.  

Dungeons & Dragons: Learn to play the world’s most popular Tabletop Roleplaying Game. While having a blast casting spells, taming owl bears  and swinging swords at dragons, kids will also practice math, reading, probability, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, improvisation, creative storytelling, turn taking,  and so much more. Please note:  The content can often be dark but we will strive to avoid anything too dark or demonic. 


Comedy Improv:  Improvisation is an enjoyable and safe environment for an individual to experience self-growth. Plus it is SUPER FUN! Through interactive activities and exercise, our students get the chance to experience growth on a physical, emotional and physical level. This program teaches acting techniques AND improves confidence, has social benefits and promotes communication skills. 

Shakespeare Play:  Join us for a fun and exciting program of rehearsing and performing selections from Shakespeare.  The scripts is edited from the original text, preserving the Elizabethan English, while adapting the script for classroom use. Through active and creative exercises, we will learn how to develop character, understand Shakespeare and use our voices and bodies to convey the story. We’ll bring it all together as we prepare for presentation for friends and family at the end. This program provides a safe, fun and supportive atmosphere where students will learn to make bold and creative acting choices, while also developing new levels of personal confidence and ensemble skills. All students will get a speaking role involving lines that will need to be memorized on schedule to support rehearsal in class. Roles range in size (small, medium and large) and will be cast in consideration of class size, production needs and student preference. 

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