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The way that the Shakespeare Kids crew pulled together and created something wonderful out of a seemingly impossible situation was a joy to witness. My kids were completely engaged throughout their Zoom rehearsals and the “audience” of friends and family from all around the country was blown away by the performance that they pulled off. We can’t wait for our next adventure with Shakespeare Kids!  

Thank you so much for this, and for all that you have done, especially through this lockdown! Lots of people would have just thrown in the towel, but you and your fabulous teachers made this come alive for the kids and for the families!  Thank you!


Shakespeare Kids immediately shifted to an online format and continued to provide community, structure and a creative outlet for the kids. The kids loved having the designated time to see friends online and work toward a common goal! The staff modeled such amazing grace, flexibility and hopefulness throughout the whole process.

There is so much love in this program.  And you are the central heart.  It is incredible what you guys are doing to keep the kids together and engaged (much better than their school!). Just know we are so grateful for your efforts. 

Wow!! You did an amazing job with the performance yesterday!! Everyone is blown away by how incredibly well you executed such a complex undertaking!! The kids really shined, and your help and support made it happen.  It was a wonderful last event for this crazy school year. While it made us miss being together,  you still found a way for the students to be acknowledged for their hard work. Our daughter was glowing all evening!  Our extended family lives far away, so it was also a chance to see some of the wonderful things that come out of Shakespeare Kids. This was especially the case when Shakespeare Kids owner Rebekah kindly helped my 86 year old father who was calling in from the East Coast.  The juxtaposition of listening as he was calmly walked through (what I had unsuccessfully tried to relay), while sounds of my mother being heard in the background made me deeply appreciate the community that surrounds my daughter as she grows. Thank you for that unexpected gift! We are truly grateful for the ways that you support our children!! Thank you for your commitment to their healthy development and continual success!!


Our son (age 14) has been attending Shakespeare Kids intensives & camps for several consecutive years now. It’s hands down his favorite activity over summer vacation. Rebekah has assembled an incredible staff that inspires prospective young actors to have fun, sharpen their speaking & acting skills and learn the timeless, masterful works of William Shakespeare. I highly recommend Rebekah’s program, Shakespeare Kids, to every child & family! 

Shakespeare kids is an incredible program run by one of the hardest workers I know. This program teaches kids it’s ok to be themselves and encourages creativity. I would highly recommend Shakespeare kids to anyone who wants to make the best friends they will ever have. 


As a granny , I want to tell you, yet again, how much my grandson has benefitted from your Shakespeare Kids program. He started a few summers ago and continues to this day. It has given him so much apart from learning a lot about Shakespeare, he has enjoyed working with the other kids toward the goal of presenting a number of play as well as the the process of collaboration…. As a grandparent, I am  pleased to see him grow in such a positive way. It is a highly enriching experience for him and for the whole family. 

Online Shakespeare Kids has been a blessing to us during this time of quarantine.  It has has been a physical and mental outlet for my daughter.  It gives her something to look forward to and something to practice during our days of social distancing.  She enjoys seeing her friends, cast mates and teacher each week.  We have enjoyed it so much we decided to add another online class: musical theater!

I didn’t think an online class for kids was a thing until I heard giggles from my girls’ room! They love their online D&D class completely and talk about it all week long! 

Watching my granddaughter (age 10) carry on her Shakespeare Kids Class via Zoom, I am VERY impressed with how fully engaged she is!  Truly, the instructor is putting in tons of energy and thought to maintaining learning through fun during these challenging times. 

We LOVE Shakespeare Kids online! I have to admit I was a little skeptical but it exceeded even our wildest expectations.  Our kids get to have fun interacting with other kids learning to push their boundaries, practice Shakespeare, and the best part is they stay engaged for over an hour without a movie, video game, or me intervening.  It is the best part of my week and theirs! 

I enjoy getting to still do acting during this weird time.  And I like seeing everyone from the class!  ~ Age 11

The classes are really fun and really well organized!  ~ Age 12

I'm really enjoying how much us students are able to hang out because of the online classes. They are interactive and fun and I really like the general vibe. ~ Age 12

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