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Simi Shakespeare Performances
March 18, 2024

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Tickets sold at the door.

Please read specific parking instructions:

One Spark Academy is located at the old Conejo YMCA, 4031 N. Moorpark R. When you drive in, go past the closed sign, and continue up the drive. There are four levels, so please read this carefully. The performances will be held at the TOP level. At the top level, there is a building and parking lot to the left, and the outdoor amphitheater/ stage is to the right, after a short dirt drive. 


  • 3rd level (main level): Main restrooms are on the third level. Pull into the parking lot, on your right where all the big buildings are. Park in front of the large building, walk up the steps and go to the right. There are large men’s and women’s restrooms on the side of the building. 

  • Top level is the stage. Drive all the way to the top and park to the left.

    • Please drive up SLOWLY and carefully. The last part of the driveway that leads to the stage is a one lane road (well, about 1.5 lanes) and there are no guardrails. 

  • Parking at the top: There is room to park up top for at least 20 cars. Please leave the spots closest to the stage area for those who can’t walk far. Caution: Please avoid parking in one of the first spots near the bend in the drive. There’s not a lot of room for cars to pull out and we don’t want your car getting hit.

  • Restrooms: 

    • Please utilize the restrooms on the main level before you drive up top. They will be open.

    • In the event a restroom is needed immediately: The upstairs Activity Room has only ONE working unisex bathroom, and another with just a working sink. The Activity room is the building at the opposite end of the parking lot from the stage. 

  • Seating: There are wooden bench seats only at the amphitheater. If you would like more comfortable seating, please bring a folding chair or even a seat cushion. There is also no shade at the amphitheater. A brimmed hat is helpful if you will be there during the day. 


5pm Performance
The Tragedy of Hamlet with  

James Baily as Servant 2 and Player 2

Will Baily as Hamlet 2 
Lily Blum as Horatio 
James Burns Polonius 

Leah Burns Hamlet 1 

Anderson Lohman Ghost

Luke Lohman as Servant 1, Player 1 and the Priest

Edie Miller as Gertrude 

Ethan Rosevear as Laertes 

Josiah Welch as Claudius 
Katherine Wheelock as Ophelia 


6pm Performance
Much Ado About Nothing set in the 1940s with 

Jack Albarran as Don Pedro,  Dogberry and Friar Francis
Bella Haemmerle as Margaret and Borach
Juan Isidro Martelli as Leonato and Seacoal

Lydiya Ofitserov as Don John, Oatcake and Antonio
Julian Price as Claudio and Verges
Hadley Streb as Hero and Conrade

Both productions were directed by Caitlin Arndt

Assisted by Sierra Conway

Produced by Rebekah Czarnecki

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