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River Oaks Academy


Shakespeare Kids is delighted to return to ROA for a fourth year. 

See our 2023 Fall line-up below and please contact them directly if interested.


Fall Session Sept 18-Dec 8, 2023

No classes held on 9/25, 10/23-27 or 11/20-24



3:30-4:15pm PST Grades 3-5 

William Shakespeare is considered to be the world’s greatest dramatist. His Tragedies, Comedies and Histories are full of kings, queens, fairies, tricks and are SO MUCH FUN!!  We have been offering Shakespeare Performance Programs for children as young as 4 for over 22 years.  We make Shakespeare accessible and inclusive.  In this program, we will learn, discuss and explore a handful of his 36 plays. THEN, using fun active theatre exercises we will PHYSICALLY explore these great stories, characters and themes.  This program provides a safe, fun and supportive atmosphere where students will be encouraged to make bold and creative acting choices, while also developing new levels of personal confidence, finding their voice and ensemble skills while learning this great story.

TUESDAY COMEDY IMPROV! @ Oxnard Campus (1750 Lombard St. Suite C)

9:30-10:15am Grades 1-2; 10:20-11:05am Grades 3-4; 11:10-11:55am Grades k-1

Improvisation is an enjoyable and safe environment for an individual to experience self-growth. Plus it is SUPER FUN! Through interactive activities and exercise, our students get the chance to experience growth on a physical, emotional and physical level. This program teaches acting techniques AND improves confidence, has social benefits and promotes communication skills. 

TUESDAY ANCIENT HISTORY IMPROV @ Westlake Campus ( 920 Hampshire Rd. Suite x)

1-2:30pm Grades 5-12

Each week we will learn about a new event or person in history.  From the First Olympics to the Maccabean Revolt.  Pericles, Pyramids, Romans, mummification rituals and more. Lessons will be taught in collaboration with the students and fun facts they bring in each week.  We then bring in a theatrical spin to what we’ve learned and act out these historical figures and moments with improvisation games and character exploration living it on our feet and sometimes rewriting history in the process.  Our students need no previous experience in theatre or history to enjoy this program.  We take all levels.  It should be noted that history does have some mature content and while we will be very sensitive to this, our suggested age range for the class should be taken into consideration.  Please let us know if you have questions, concerns or need to discuss. 

THURSDAY COMEDY IMPROV! (see description above)

10-11am grades 5-12 @ Oxnard Campus (1750 Lombard St. Suite C)

12:30-1:20pm grades 1-2 @ Westlake Campus ( 920 Hampshire Rd. Suite x)

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