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Pricing, Ages and Descriptions Below


Aesop Play with 10-10:55am PST Ages 6-9.

$155/$170 (charter) per student.

Building interest for a Spring Session in 2022

Aesop was an oral storyteller believed to live in Ancient Greece   To this day, his stories are used as ethical guides in child education.  Each week we will learn, discuss and explore these Fables THEN using fun active theatre exercise PHYSICALLY explore these great stories, characters and themes. Students can join this class at any time if the class isn't full.  No previous experience is required.  

History Improv ~ Ancient History

11-11:55am PST. Ages 9+

$155/$170 (charter) per student.

Building interest for a Spring Session in 2022

Each week we will learn about a new event or person in Ancient History.  Lessons will be taught in collaboration with the students and fun facts they bring in each week.  We then bring in a theatrical spin to what we’ve learned and act out these historical figures and moments with improvisation games and character exploration living it on our feet and sometime rewriting history in the process.  Our students need no previous experience in theatre or history to enjoy this program.  We take all levels.  It should be noted that history does have some mature content and while we will be very sensitive to this, our suggested age range for the class should be taken into consideration.   Students can join this class at any time if the class isn't full.  No previous experience is required.  

D&D Creative Writing 6:05-7:35pm PST  Ages 10+

 $195/$210 (charter) per student.

Winter: Jan 4-Mar 8; Spring: Mar 22-May 24

Join us as we apply creative story writing, character exploration and storytelling through the vehicle of the ever popular fantasy building tabletop role-playing game D&D.  Each student will create their own character which will then embark upon a made-up adventure.  Our teacher will be our Dungeon Master serving as the game’s referee and storyteller. Students will work as a group and do a weekly character writing journal and take turns updating the weekly story summary journal.  Not only learning logic and problem solving, this will be a creative adventure for all! Please note:  The content can often be dark but we will strive to avoid anything too dark or demonic.

*This program will take place on in addition to Zoom.