Tuesdays with our staff

July 7-Aug 11 2020

All class times are Pacific Standard Time.  Aug TBA

Pricing, Ages and Descriptions Below

*Please add $10 per class if paying with Charter Funds.




Fairytale Fun with Tamara 10-11am PST

$95* per student ages 6-9

In this course, students will get the opportunity to explore Fairytales like never before as they play Kings, Witches, and talking animals. We will master theatre games, embody characters, understand story arc, and work together to devise our own ways to act out known tales. 


Collaboration and Creation: Into the Future  with Tamara 11:15-12:45pm PST

$125* per student ages 8-11

Join us as we get into our time machine and blast off into the future! Will there be flying cars, robots, bigger than life video games? We will put our minds together to explore stories about life in the future. Students will discover new techniques in ensemble-building and devising by acting in a short story that they create.


Monologues! Monologues! Monologues! with Tamara 1:45-3:15pm PST

$125* per student ages 12 and up

Whether it be for audition or performance, make the monologue your new acting best friend!

In this course, we will get familiar with the beast that is the monologue. Students will learn how to pick a monologue, analyze text, develop a character, and connect to given circumstances, while becoming comfortable performing solo.  

The Actor and the Body with Tamara 3:30-5pm PST

$125* per student ages 13 and up

Let’s will get moving! Physicality is so important in storytelling, but often is left out of our acting work. In this course, students will find new ways to move, acquiring physical control and awareness by learning from some of the greats. We will dig into Laban, Viewpoints, Animal Work, Mime, Lecoq, and so much more to figure out how are bodies can work to our advantage.

Shakespeare Storytime with Karen 5:05-5:50pm PST

$95* per student ages 5-8

Each week kids can cozy up and hear another story of kings and queens, fairies, and tricks- a great way to introduce younger students to Shakespeare's plays. Then we will play games based off the stories that we have heard that will open up children's imagination to a whole other world. 

Commercial Acting and Auditioning with Karen 6-7pm PST

$110* per student ages 9+

Ever wonder how to break into the biz? Many actors start off in commercials! Learn what is expected in an audition, like slates, profiles, takes, and buttons. Learn how to have fun, get the callback, and book the job! Even if you aren't hoping to go pro, this class is a fun peek behind the scenes that will make you never look at commercials the same way again. 


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