Virtual Shakespeare

Performance Programs 

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Pricing/Schedule (all times are PST):  

$395 ($420 charter) per student.

Building an interest list for twice a week zoom rehearsals running Sept-Nov, 2021.  90 min rehearsals with a live zoom performance on the weekend as the culmination to the program.

Ages 8+

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Join us for a fun and exciting program of virtually rehearsing and performing (and sometimes writing) plays.  Through physical and theatrical exercises, students will learn how to create and develop a character and use their voices and bodies to tell this great story.  We’ll bring it all together as we prepare for live virtual performance for friends and families (limited audience).  This class is a safe and supportive atmosphere where students are encouraged to make bold acting choices while learning teamwork and gaining confidence.  All students will get a speaking role involving lines that will need to be memorized on schedule. Roles range in size (small, medium and large) and will be cast in consideration of class size, production needs and student preference.