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Ventura Shakespeare Performances
March 17, 2024

The Rubicon Theatre Company is located at  1006 E Main St in Ventura and has plenty of free street parking  



6pm Performance of
Twelfth Night with  

Ezra Butler as Fool 3

Raphaela Butler as Fabian & Fool 2

Iris Gonzales as Feste & fool 1

Santi Gonzales as Sir Andrew 
Violeta Gonzales as Maria 

Kennedy Lepore as the Lady in waiting
Camila Quijas as Oliva 

Victoria Quijas as Belch 

Celestina Torres as Malvolio


7pm Performance of
King Lear with 

Zellie Dragoo as Goneril

Luke Morrissette as the Fool 

Aiden Pantoja as Lear 2

 Kameron Sisco as Cordelia 

Lark Sliter as Regan 
Pike Sliter as Kent 

 Zach Tillman as Oswald 

Celestina Torres as Lear 1

Both productions were directed by Caitlin Arndt

Assisted by Celestina Torres, Elizabeth Roerich & Lydiya Ofitserov

Produced by Rebekah Czarnecki

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